Saturday, August 2, 2008

Praise the Lord!

Saturday mornings, my wife and I go to say the rosary in front of the abortion clinic in Shaker Heights. Being the first Saturday, we start with Mass at the Abby then proceed to the clinic. I have never been able to fathom the reasoning to have an abortion. But today, there was reason to Praise the Lord because there were TWO babies saved from being aborted. Two pregnant women went in then decided against having the procedure. I don't know if they were married but its enough to know the babies were saved. In watching the cars pull in to the parking area, I see many new SUV's, luxury cars, new cars and old cars. So in many cases, based on the cars I see, the question of money to raise a newborn is not an issue. I think our society has bought into the disposable mentality and convince themselves that a fetus is a disposable commodity. I am appalled that there is a much greater uproar over the mistreatment of animals that the killing of the unborn. Even our government has adual standard. It is a felony to kill the fetus in a pregnant woman if not a double felony if the woman dies. But a doctor can perform an abortion, get paid for it and not commit a felony. If it is a matter of choice, then the felon commiting the crime against the woman should go free because it was his choice, following that logic. What is lost in this whole scheme is that choice is a good thing. God gave us free will so that we have choices. What many people fail to accept in that choice is the responsibility that goes with it. The potential parents made their choice when they went through the motions that created the baby in the first place. Now they have the responsibility to follow through with that choice.
I have often wondered what God had in store for the millions of aborted babies. Which of those would have been a priest to alleviate the shortage? Which of those would have been another Pope Benedict or John Paul the XXIII? John Kennedy, George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Einstein? And, yes, I have to admit, Jack the ripper. God has better plans for us than we can ever imagine.
So for those two babies saved, maybe God has great things planned for them.