Friday, October 31, 2008

God Thoughts?

I awoke at 4:00AM this morning with my mind racing with I'll call God thoughts. There was just a flurry of various, what seemed to be disconnected thoughts. God seems to do that a lot to me. I will get what I think is a God thought which seems very clear at that instant, but by the time I get to a point where I can write it down, I've lost half of what I wanted to write down. This morning was no different. What seems to stick in my mind though, is " lies, hypocracy, and heresy". I don't know what this is supposed to mean or in what context. By this time, my thought switches to priests who are teaching our young people in supposedly Catholic colleges. I have heard from many reliable sources, that these professor priests are not teaching to the true Majestirium of the church, not all but some. One is too many. They are moving toward the "New Church" philosophy.
Then I jump track and start relating these thoughts to the abortion issue. I've heard or read from somewhere that it was asked of the Blessed Mother, where are all the priests we have prayed for? Her answer was " I have sent them but they are being aborted!" Where have we gone wrong that this should be allowed to happen? I don't even hear this being condemned from the pulpit. I guess that why I admire Fr. Corapi so much. He says he will only speak the truth; he's not going to hell for anyone. I agree with the bumper stickers out there "You can't be Catholic and pro Choice". Just ask God.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Voice

That Voice keeps nagging at me to fight abortion. Regina Brett's column on October 19th fired up that voice again and this is my response. I think I left out half of what came to mind. I must plant some electrodes in my brain so I can record my thoughts, that way I won't leave out that other half.

Regina Brett,
October 20, 2008

I know from your columns that you are pro-choice. I was brought up to know that choice is good, but with choice comes responsibility. Responsibility to know that my choice has consequences and must be morally correct. Abortion is intrinsically wrong. I find it appalling that there is more public outrage over a mistreated animal than the number of abortions performed in this country. I think the number is 48,000,000 plus since Roe vs. Wade. You make reference in your October 19th column, to a gruesome description of an abortion you received in an e-mail. As gruesome as it may have been, it was probably accurate. How could anyone, especially a doctor, do that to a living baby? At 8 WEEKS, a baby in the womb has brain activity and a nerve network; at 10 WEEKS the heart is beating. As the baby is being aborted by being pulled apart, it screams in pain but no one hears because it is still in fluid.
That being said, this election hallmarks some huge choices in some very trying times. The president we elect is very important to the direction of this country, but he does not introduce the Bills in Congress. Our elected representatives are the ones who enact the legislation that we are governed by. I know you are an intelligent woman, so I don’t have to tell you how this works. This legislation is supposed to reflect the will of the people (the majority). In the past few years, how much of the legislation has been the result of our representative’s own personal views without checking with their constitutients? We the people have become complacent and have been allowing the government to do our thinking and providing everything else in our daily lives. We can’t do anything for ourselves. When government gets too big and tells us what we need instead of us telling them what we need, we are on our way to socialism. Check your history books on socialist countries. Therefore, in this election, if the candidate has such little respect for the unborn, defenseless babies, how can I feel confident in their moral judgment on the people/country/international issues?
You also mention “the voice to heed is the one inside”. The voice inside prompted me to write this response. To hear the voice inside, you have to take a few moments in silence to be able to hear the voice.
Thank you,