Saturday, April 6, 2013

Insensitivity at Easter Mass

Easter Sunday morning Mass at 10:00A.M. Church was full so we had to stand in the vestibule at the rear of the church, which also serves as the cry room for parents. During mass everything was near normal for a cry room area, you know, some activity, moving around, some noise as can be expected. The problem occured after communion. Many people were leaving, lots of commotion, and loud talking, wishing other friends a happy Easter, carrying on like it was a social of some sort. The priest was making a few final comments to the congregation while the vestibule was in total noise. I finally could not take it any more and yelled out "Mass is still going on, people. lease be quite." Sadly it only helped a little. It's really sad how little respect people have for fellow christians, but more importantly, how little respect they have for the risen Lord.