Thursday, July 31, 2008


I have often wondered, lately, if higher education is a blessing or a curse. I think I have come to the conclusion that its not the education but the WAY that education is used. The following attachment was sent by Greg, a friend, and indicates how far satan has infiltrated human society. The Minnesota professor hasn't the slightest idea what he is dealing with. Being a Biology professor, one would think he would be awed by natures construction and complexity, but his "tunnel vision" and atheistic attitude has left no room for God. Satan has such a tight grip on him that he thinks he has all the answers based on his intellect and education. I have encountered this type of behavior in many of the contacts and acquaintences I have made over the years. They are so wrapped up in themselves and their abilities that they have no room for God, not being able to realize their ability comes from God. They have no quiet time to listen when God is trying to talk to them. I can only pray that somewhere in the rest of their life they will be able to ask God for forgiveness before He calls them to their judgement day.
The attachment follows:

My Dear Siblings in Christ, I know that you are all very busy, and that you also take very seriously your commitment to Christ. Accordingly, I'll be brief about this urgent call for action by the faithful. The Confraternity of Catholic Clergy has called for all of the faithful to make a holy hour and to fast on August 1st (a first Friday) in reparation for recent sins against the Blessed Sacrament. Details are given in the article below about one such sacriligeous incident which the atheist has actually posted on the internet. Other incidents have occured in recent weeks as well, including a national non-christian newscaster (Sally Quinn) who boasted of partaking of communion at Tim Russert's funeral mass "just to see what it was like...nothing special." Then, of course, there was the parade of pro-abortion politicians who received communion during the papal masses in DC and NYC last spring. Advertisements for consecrated hosts are appearing on the internet and elsewhere with arrogant indifference as to the singular position that the Blessed Sacrament holds as the "source and summit" of our faith, the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us join with Christ for Christ in praying to the Father in holy hours tomorrow, "Father forgive them, they know not what they do." May God have mercy on their souls, as He has mercy on each of us in our sinfulness. Through these offerings (prayer and fasting), may we transform this occasion of grave sin into an occasion for great grace, trusting in the unfathomable mercies of Our God. ---- your brother in Christ, Greg ==================================================ZENIT, The world seen from RomeNews Agency==================================================Desecration of Host Not Seen as Free Speech Confraternity Proposes Prayer Day in ReparationHARRISBURG, Pennsylvania, JULY 30, 2008 ( The Confraternity of Catholic Clergy is proposing Friday as a national day of prayer and fasting in the wake of the desecration of the Eucharist by a Minnesota professor.Father John Trigilio, Jr., the president of the confraternity, a U.S. association of 600 priests and deacons, sent a statement this week asking Catholics "to join in a day of prayer and fasting that such offenses never happen again."Paul Myers, a professor of biology at the University of Minnesota at Morris, says he desecrated the Eucharist by piercing it with a rusty nail, then he threw it into the trash.The self-professed atheist wrote about the incident on his blog and posted a photo of the desecrated host.The statement of the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy said it found the actions of Myers "reprehensible, inexcusable, and unconstitutional. His flagrant display of irreverence by profaning a consecrated Host from a Catholic Church goes beyond the limit of academic freedom and free speech.""Attacking the most sacred elements of a religion is not free speech anymore than would be perjury in a court or libel in a newspaper," added the text.Father Trigilio told ZENIT that the congregation is asking the faithful to make a holy hour before the Eucharist on Aug. 1, the feast of St. Alphonsus Ligouri, and to fast in "reparation for the sacrilegious desecration of the Holy Eucharist."

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