Monday, November 3, 2008

Another Response

I don't know if this response will have any effect or change history, but i sure makes me feel better.

Connie Schultz; November 2, 2008

In last weeks column, “Illegal Abortions? Who goes to jail?” you asked “how much time should she do?” I know that you are pro-choice along with Regina Brett. You really surprise me with your question and narrative on this question. The woman is the victim in all cases. IF abortion were made illegal and IF an abortion was performed, the person performing the abortion is the lawbreaker and the one going to jail! You are a proponent for “choice” and it is quite clear. Consider, however, in order to have a “choice” do not the alternatives have to be presented? Workers at Planned Parenthood are not trained to give perspective clients any alternative except abortion. They say nothing about the potential for adoption, help with the pregnancy, the free programs for single pregnant mothers. These poor women have low self esteem, feel unloved, unwanted, guilty, and feel they have no other option, which is not true. But their options are not given by the “professionals”. You more than anyone should know that choices cannot be made until all the options are gathered. In my stand for life, I have found many of the troubled pregnant mothers were never told or given their true options! Do not they deserve better?
There have been over 50,000,000 aborted babies in the USA since Roe vs. Wade. I cannot believe that these were all necessities or not being able to provide for the baby. I see too many of the pregnant mothers being driven into the abortion clinic parking lot in big SUV’s, Lexus’, many and various newer top of the line cars. It is not a case of affordability in probably 80% of the cases. The moral fiber of our society has eroded to a point where life has no meaning and is expendable.
I wish to leave you with some questions that only you can personally answer. What if Connie Schultz’s mother chose to have an abortion? Who would be writing this column in the paper? What if Sherrod Brown’s mother chose to have an abortion? Who would be sitting in that legislative seat? What if Abe Lincoln….. Get the picture? How do we know what potential these 50,000,000 lost lives would have had on today’s society? Which one would have found a cure for cancer, aids, or any of the incurable diseases? It makes me think; I hope it does for you also.
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Lillian Marie said...

my response:
5th commandment: Thou Shalt Not Kill

Your mother said no to abortion and let you live. Are you willing to say no to abortion to allow your baby to live? Yes, willing. God gave us free will. Free will to choose to save a life and free will to kill a life. You pay the consequences for your choice. What will it be? To allow one of God's greatest beings to live or to kill His creation? You choose.

For me: My mom gave me life. I choose life, period. If I decide not to want the baby, there are so many options - including a couple that I personally know that is having a lot of trouble having a child of their own. Wouldn't it be wonderful to allow my child to live and allow them to be the parents I know they are.

Life - it's amazing, it's saddening, it's fearful, it's joyful, it's enraging, it's glorious, it's life.